Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I just had to see for myself.  Camera in hand, I made a quick tour areas affected by the flood, making sure it was AFTER the immediate emergency had ended, and making sure to stay out of the way.  First stop, Tunkhannock.

Above, a scene repeated over and over again-- water logged furniture and other items, out for the trash.  I took this along Business Route 6.
Volunteers helped remove the seats from the Dietrich Theater, and helped pump water from the building.  It's clear the efforts were appreciated.

This is a shot into the Dietrich lobby.  You can't hear the hum of the fans and smell all the disenfecting chemicals.
This hardware store is near a creek and the river.  It got whacked over the weekend-- with items now out front to dry in the September breeze.
And, behind the building, water and mud covered lawn mowers and tractors.