Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Traffic was a mess Monday morning.  Some streets in Wilkes-Barre were still closed.  Trucks were everywhere.  I couldn't get close to what I really wanted to see, but that's okay.  I didn't NEED to be there.
There was a severe back up on the Pierce Street Brudge, heading from Kingston to Wilkes-Barre Monday morning.  The courthouse was open for business, and if you look carefullly, you can see workers on the dome.
The Susquehanna is below flood stage in this photo, but it still looks menacing.  This is the view upstream from the Pierce Street Bridge.
And, in the distance, the Market Street Bridge.  Kingston is on the right, Wilkes-Barre on the left.  Bridges undergo a tremendous amount of stress during floods, and it was great to see the Market Street Bridge, one of our area's most interesting, is still there.