Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Scrapple

What was Jerry Sandusky thinking when he gave that interview to Bob Costas Monday night?

As bad as the Penn State riot was, the candlelight vigil and demonstration of humanity at the Nebraska game was off the charts.  The pendulum swings both ways.

I can't think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving and we're in to December. 

It seems like there's a different Republican front runner every week, and that makes the race interesting.

The low turnout in the election was not surprising, but still sad.

I know a few of the winning Luzerne County judicial candidates, and I have no doubt they will make fine judges.

I love listening to Joe Paterno's defenders, especially those who say "He was only the football coach."  That's like saying a tsunami is only a wave.

Misbehaving "occupy" protesters do nothing for their cause.

Scranton is getting another Irish pub.  Just what we needed-- an Irish pub on every corner from Green Ridge to Minooka, from Keyser Avenue to East Mountain.

Regis Philbin leaves "Live!" today.  The man wasn't my cup of tea but I do respect his longevity and the fact he is so well liked.  I do like the way he did "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?!" and "Million Dollar Password."  Regis didn't make himself bigger than the games.

When you hear people blaming the media for their problems, it usually means they can't think of anyone else to blame.

I'm really enjoying watching Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles struggle this year.  It's time to realize Andy Reid is an okay coach, but not a great coach.

"2 Broke Girls" on CBS isn't a great sitcom, but it has its moments and some witty, albeit crude, dialog.