Monday, November 14, 2011


And now, it's gone.

This used to be Holy Family Church in Scranton.  I took this picture several days ago.  To give you a little perspective, I'm standing in the alley behind the building, looking west, toward North Washington Avenue.

As has been noted here, the Catholic Diocese of Scranton closed the church.  It was sold and will become a parking lot for The Commonwealth Medical College.

You may be asking why I was so fascinated with this church, even though I never attended a service here.  First, and foremost, it was a beautiful building.  It was also the distribution center for Easter baskets for the less fortunate, a story I did several times over the years.  Believe me, when you get a rather steady diet of fires, accidents, crime and corruption, it's nice to do a positive story once in a while.  The recipients of the gifts were grateful.  The amount of donations was staggering, and so many people volunteered to help make it happen.  I'm sure the distribution center will be moved to another place.  It won't be the same.

I was driving by the church earlier this year, on a winter afternoon.  The sun was hitting it just right.  I didn't have my camera with me, and I'm still kicking myself over that one.

I bear no ill will toward anyone over the church's demolition.  I understand the reasons behind the church closings.  I also understand there's not much of a market for old church buildings.  There is a demand for parking, and if it helps the school, we all benefit.

Still, it's sad to watch a landmark reduced to rubble.