Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I wouldn't have complained if Penn State declined bowl invitations, but I'm okay with the Nittany Lions going to the January 2 TicketCity Bowl in Dallas.

Staying home would have shown some respect to the alleged victims of the sexual abuse scandal.

On the other hand, I didn't want to see team members punished for the bungling of the coaching staff and PSU administration.

Penn State is giving $1.5 million from the bowl to charities that benefit abused children-- also a good idea.

The following is a train of thought I borrowed from Steve Czaban at Yahoo Sports Radio.  The people who run the TicketCity Bowl have to be praying that there are no new revelations in the sex abuse scandal between now and game time.  I'm sure they'll have to deal with some scandal related distractions.  Another shoe dropping, something new, could send the distraction meter off the charts.

The bowl will be on ESPN U.  I had to check my cable system line-up.  It's there, on channel 272.

The battle with the University of Houston could be a really good game, and I'm sure the TicketCity Bowl people will be very relieved when Penn State gets on the jet to go home, right after the final gun sounds.