Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I was doing some aimless wandering last week, looking for a Christmas blog item.  I decided to use this-- the nativity scene across from Carbondale City Hall.  You don't see many nativity scenes these days, so I thought it could use a little exposure.

It happens every year.  There are complaints about the season losing its meaning and political correctness being involved.  Apologies in advance for the lecture, but I look at it like this.  If you hear someone say "Happy Holidays," it's to include everyone-- not exclude.  If you think someone's taking the Christ out of Christmas, too bad.  That's their problem.  Holidays and religion are personal matters.  Celebrate the day the way you want it celebrated, and by doing that, Christmas traditions remain alive.
By the way, Carbondale has a lot of holiday charm.  It's small town America.  I hope your Christmas is a great one.

The Top Ten Photos of 2011 continues tomorrow.