Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cold and WARM

We've just come through a cold snap, and it happens any time the temperatures dip.  I think of one of my former co-workers, the great Ray Magwyre.

I worked at WARM 590 for ten and a half years, beginning in 1981.  We had the edict from management, when giving the temperature, we always had to tag it by saying "WARM degrees." 

Saying it's 80 WARM degrees sounds rather natural.  Saying it's 2 WARM degrees does not.

Ray did the morning and mid day news, until he left for other challenges.

I didn't have the stones to defy management.  Ray did.  He never said "WARM degrees" when it was cold, and he got away with it.  Ray was talented-- fantistic voice, wonderful spartan writing style.  The guy was smooth.

It might be in the single digits, but it was always WARM for me.