Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hand Me Down World

I've gone off on a couple blog rants recently, complaining about cutbacks in local radio.  Today, proof that broadcast frugality is really nothing new.

KLIF is a radio station in Dallas, TX.  Today's photos were taken in the parking lot of the WARM building in Avoca, PA, USA.  I believe the year was 1987.

At the time, KLIF and WARM were owned by the same company.  WARM got a hand me down truck. Of course, it was re-painted, but you couldn't escape the fact that the truck had seen better days.

There was an employee contest to name the vehicle.  The winning selection was "The Mrs."  It stood for Mobile Remote Studio.  The person who suggested the name was a sweet woman, but most of us on the staff really hated that name.  Management liked it, and that's all that counts.
If memory serves, the MRS rarely worked right, and it was still around when I left in 1991.  I don't know how long it was part of WARM's fleet.

The truck wasn't WARM's only hand me down.  We also had a van from a sister station in Norfolk, VA.  I know I have those pictures somewhere.

By the way, the black 1984 Ford Escort GT you see at the left was mine.  Driving it was a culture shock for a while.  I traded in a full size 1978 Chevrolet Blazer to get it.  I loved the Blazer, but the miles were adding up.  It ate gas, and the tires cost a fortune.  The Escort, albeit very small compared to the Blazer, was a good car until its electronic modules kept burning out.  The car died while I was visiting a friend in State College.  I rented a car to get home while it was repaired in State College, declining an offer to stay with my friend and her roommates.  The Ford and I parted company not long after that.  As for my friend, I haven't heard from her in years.