Monday, January 23, 2012


Regular blog readers know that Joe Paterno was not one of my favorite people, both before and after "The Scandal."

But, I am not so myopic to fail to recognize Joe Paterno's contributions to his sport and his university.

Now is not the time to go over Paterno's role in the situation that led to his November dismissal.  That can wait.

However, I will say that I'm sorry Paterno will not be around to see how it all plays out-- how the case makes its way through the courts, where the investigation leads, when we learn more about what really happened and why.

Vindication for Paterno?  It's possible, but even Paterno admitted he could have done more.

I will quote Steve Czaban of Yahoo Sports Radio:  "Maybe the saddest ending to a sports legend ever."

Jason Wilde Tweeted:  "Let's make Paterno's true legacy a cautionary tale of how devastating silence is."

I express my sympathies to Joe Paterno's family, friends, and fans.