Friday, February 3, 2012

# 46

It is tradition for me to make a Super Bowl pick here, and it is tradition for me to get it wrong.

Undaunted, here is the 2012 version.

It's tough to bet against the New England Patriots, but I'll take the New York Giants and the three points.

I'm not a Patriots fan, even though I like Tom Brady.  He simply wins games without being a loudmouthed horse's arse.

Coach Bill Belichick is a different story.  He's been caught cheating.  He's arrogant, and I don't like him.

It's tough to get a case of the warm fuzzies over the New York Giants.  I sort of like coach Tom Coughlin, the gruff old uncle type.  Eli Manning has matured.  The Giants seem to be peaking at the right time.

I think the Patriots win in in a squeaker, and that's why I'm taking the Giants and the points.

It's a moot point for me.  I won't have real money on the game, and I won't be watching.  I haven't seen a Super Bowl in years.  It's past my bed time.

On top of that, it's NBC's turn to broadcast the game, and I really don't like the way NBC does things.

Regardless of the broadcaster, the pre game show is too long and half time is an eternity.  Madonna?  I'll pass.

And while I'm at it, spare me a discussion of the commercials.  They might be cute, but they're still commercials.  I really don't care what Coke and Chevrolet are doing.

I was treated to one of those horrible Super Bowl radio discussions yesterday.  The topic was whether Monday should be a national holiday because so many people skip work.  It's like this.  Ratings went up when the game was moved to the evening.  The Super Bowl will never be moved to Saturday because the host city would miss out on a full day of hotel and restaurant revenue.  The Super Bowl will always be Sunday evening because that's what works.  The solution to the Monday work problem is simple.  Cut back on the beer, or watch something else and go to sleep at a reasonable time.  It's only a game.

By the way, I couldn't change the radio station.  I was part of a captive audience in a sandwich shop at the time.