Monday, February 20, 2012


I decided to wait a bit before openng my yap on the death of Whitney Houston.

Her music wasn't my thing, but I didn't find it objectionable.  I respected her popularity, along with all the record sales and awards.  It really was impressive.

Whitney Houston's death makes me angry more than sad.  Clearly, the woman had problems.  Big problems.  Drug and alcohol problems.  Problems that can't be solved overnight, and even with trips to rehab.

I can't help but think there were a lot of people along the way who could have stepped in to get Houston back on the right path.  She was only 48, and her death is such a waste of talent.

Former Scranton Police Chief Jim Klee died last week at the age of 73.  Klee was a good, old fashioned cop, and he was a joy to deal with.  He wouldn't tell reporters everything, but he gave you enough to report a story accurately.  Klee knew what media relations were all about, and he never ducked you-- in good times and bad. He is missed.