Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Library

I have a soft spot for libraries.  I was thinking for the reasons while I was on my way home yesterday.  It came down to a couple reasons.  First, I love books.  Second, my high school had a horrible library, and my home town didn't have one.  Thankfully, I lived within walking distance of a Penn State satellite campus, so I did lot of my school work there.

I spent a good part of my Monday at the West Pittston Library.  It was the day the building, damaged in the September flood, reopened.  It's not a huge building, but it has everything you need, and its very nice inside.  The people in West Pittston are lucky, and I'm tickled to see the community supports the library.

Libraries have been having a rough time in recent years.  Less and less money is coming from government.  I can understand that.  Taxes are already high.  Government has to provide essential services.  Knowledge is essential, but you also have to care for the very young, the very old and keep the streets safe.

If your community has a nice library, please take the time to appreciate it.