Friday, February 10, 2012

Little Things

I still get a kick when I get immense enjoyment out of the simple and little things in life.

For example, there are six traffic lights between my home and WNEP.  Last Saturday night, I went six for six-- all green!  It must have happened before, although I don't remember it.  It made my day.

My cable system recently added another one of those classic TV networks, so it gave me the opportunity to watch "Get Smart" once again.  I grew up loving this show.  It was on NBC, then CBS in prime time.  After that, WPIX used to show the reruns in the afternoon.

I hadn't seen it in years, and what a joy it was to watch the comedic genius of Don Adams."Get Smart" had it all-- from clever and witty to silly and slapstick.

I still make reference to the "Cone of Silence" when government officials clam up on important issues.

Then, there is the closing credit sequence-- when all those doors leading to the Control headquarters slam shut.  You knew Max was going to get his nose whacked in the last set of doors, but you watched until the end every week, and you always laughed.

I'm thrilled to see "Get Smart" again.