Friday, March 23, 2012

Follow Up File

The blog gets results!  Earlier this week, I whined about two commercials running at the same time, every morning at 2:05 AM on a local radio station.  A representative of the radio station figured out I was writing about his operation, and the problem has been fixed.  Unfortunately, the other radio problem remains, and it pains me to see that station dying of neglect.

The New Orleans Saints got whacked hard for its "bounty" scandal.  The head coach has been suspended for a year.  The team has been fined and will lose draft picks.  Boo hoo!  The Saints should the thankful it wasn't worse.  Offering for money for hits that cause injury is disgusting behavior.

Tim Tebow is now a New York Jet.  He might not be the most talented QB in the NFL, but he does seem like a really nice guy.  On top of that, I keep hearing how Tebow can't throw, and he can't get the job done.  Even though I'm not a fan of the Jets and their loudmouthed coach, I'd love to see Tebow prove the naysayers wrong.

There's been a mini spike in my Twitter followers, and a larger spike in the number of LinkedIn contacts.  Thank you.  WNEP's Twitter account has added more than 1,300 followers since the start of 2012.  That's an impressive number.  We've started doing more with Twitter, and there will be some additional tweaks in the weeks to come.

Speaking of tweaks, look for improvements to WNEP.com in the very near future.  I saw the proposed redesign the other day.  It's much bolder, cleaner, and easier to use.

Most people call the beef filler that's in the news lately "pink slime."  Supermarket chains give it the sanitized name of "finely textured beef."  Several supermarket chains are giving up on selling ground beef with the "pink slime" filler.  There's one reason.  The public found out about it.  Personally, I'm disappointed.  My doctor told me I'm not getting enough slime in my diet.  Yes, I stole the line from Steve Martin.