Tuesday, March 27, 2012

That's Why I'm Here

I was listening to the radio when I got home from work Sunday morning.  One of the songs, "All I Want To Do" by Sheryl Crow. I really like the song, and I was nice to give it a listen.  It's been a while since I heard it.

Then, I got to thinking.  What goes through Crow's head when she's in concert?  Is it "Boy, I'm so glad I found this song.  It made me a star."


"Wow.  I'm so sick of this song.  I want people to know I can do other things."

Joe Snedeker and I got in to a James Taylor discussion a few weeks ago.  Big fan.  One of my favorite songs is a minor JT hit called "That's Why I'm Here."  It seems to be autobiographical.  Taylor knows people attend his concerts to hear the comfortable old hits, and he's okay with that.  Below are a few lines from the song.

Oh, fortune and fame's such a curious game
Perfect strangers can call you by name
Pay good money to hear fire and rain
Again and again and again.

Some are like summer coming back every year
Got your baby got your blanket got your bucket of beer
I break into a grin from ear to ear
And suddenly it's perfectly clear.

That's why I'm here
Singin tonight, tomorrow, everyday
That's why I'm standing here
That's why I'm here.

We're all here for a reason.