Monday, April 16, 2012

Scrapple Monday

Implosion Week shifted a lot of items to the back burner...  Let's catch up.

The Oakland Athletics and the Seattle Mariners opened the regular season in Japan back on March 28th.  The game wasn't on national TV-- no ESPN, no MLB Network.  First, I don't get MLB and NFL's fascination with playing games in other countries.  Second, no TV shows no one cared, and league officials are incompetent.  Opening Day should be an event.

I thought this year's NCAA basketball tournament was a big yawn.  The only thing I enjoyed was watching Syracuse lose.  It's a tainted organization.

It's now official.  Hollywood is out of ideas.  They're making a sequel to "Anchorman."

It sounds silly, but I really miss those big newsroom sets ABC used to use in New York and Washington during the Frank Reynolds/Peter Jennings days.  It made the news seem so much more substantial.  Now, it appears the news is coming to you from a closet.

There have been few weeks more sad than the one we recently endured-- a 14 year old shot and killed in Wilkes-Barre, and a four month old girl killed in a fire near Moscow.

Why is it, when a school district is in financial trouble, the arts are cut before sports?

Best Buy is downsizing.  I have to admit I do enjoy my visits.  It's the equivalent of walking through the Globe toy department when I was a kid.  I rarely walk out of there with anything.  You can usually find the same stuff, cheaper, somewhere else.

Deadline Hollywood reports NBC is considering drastic changes if "The Office" is renewed for the fall.  Maybe that drastic change means actually making the show funny.

Magic Johnson is part of the group that bought the LA Dodgers for $2 billion.  One of the first things Magic did is place a telephone call to long time Dodger broadcaster Vin Scully.  I'm not a huge fan of either, but it was a classy thing to do.

There is nothing like the simple pleasure of nailing a Final Jeopardy question.

What was Ozzie Guillen thinking when he priased Fidel Castro?

The Pennsylvania Primary is April 24th.  Do your homework, and make informed choices.  Please.

I'm a big fan of Trish Hartman's new blog.

My blog hits have remained steady.  Thanks for taking the time to find me on the new WNEP.com