Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Business and Industry

I'm not sure what it represents, but I do know it's a bad sign.

A suspected meth lab was raided in a south Wilkes-Barre neighborhood yesterday.  It follows an explosion at a Berwick meth lab a couple weeks ago.

A meth lab was uncovered in Throop several months ago.

There have been others.

Do you see a pattern here?

We used to find meth labs way out in the woods, away from neighbors, and in places that (allegedly) lessened the likelihood of detection by law enforcement.

Meth labs are now small town America.

Are the proprietors more brazen these days?  More stupid?  Is the high price of gasoline forcing meth labs into populated areas, to reduce transportation costs?  Has the demand for drugs increased that much?

It really is a disturbing trend.

Have you tried to buy over-the-counter cold/allergy medication recently?  You practically have to undergo a body cavity search to get the stuff, because it's one of the ingredients in home made meth.

So, not only are law abiding citizens putting up with an annoyance on the retail level, they have to deal with the frightening possibility of the meth lab next door.