Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Go Figure

I don't do it as often as I once I did, but I do look at blog statistics once in a while.  I've been tracking hits-- to see if people found the blog on the new WNEP.com.  By the way, the answer is yes.

Thank you.

While looking at all the graphs and charts, something jumped out at me.  There was a major spike in blog hits April 18.


I went back to check that day's topic.  It was some thoughts on a horrible story in the Mount Pocono area.  A man was about to lose his home, so he blew it up, drove a few miles away, and took his own life.

Unusual?  Certainly.  Interesting?  Yes.  Sad?  Very.

I didn't feel it was a bad blog, but I think I've done better, more creative work.

It shows blogs really are topic driven, and it illustrates what brings people here.  This blog will be eight years old in November.  Hits go up for what I call "value added" blogs, or blogs that expand on stories I've covered.  Most news stories are around 90 seconds.  This blog is the relief valve, a place for the information and back stories I didn't have the time to tell you on TV.

The other thing that spikes blog hits is information on the inner workings of the news biz.  Of course, I value my job, so those blogs are few and far between-- and carefully worded.

Regardless, thanks for stopping by every day.  See you tomorrow.