Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

I know Memorial Day is a day dedicated to honoring our war dead, but on this Memorial Day, I have a story about the living.

As noted earlier, because I have an unusual schedule, I live at 24 hour mini marts.  I'm not one for small talk.  I'm not being snotty.  I just have nothing to say and I'm not that interesting.  My store visits are fairly standard.  Pick my items, pay, exchange a pleasantry or two, and I'm on my way.

However, something happened on my May 18 visit to Sheetz in Dunmore that you should know about.

There was a woman in uniform in line, in front of me.  I couldn't make out the branch or the rank, but she was in camo fatigues, if that's the proper terminology.

As the soldier paid, the clerk said "Thank you for your service."  It was so simple, and touching. After I paid for my newspaper, I said to the cashier "That was a very nice thing you did."  She explained that she had two sons in the military, so she's sensitive to the plight of soldiers.  Regardless of the reason, it was still a very nice thing to do.

Thank a soldier today, and every day, and please remember those who are no longer around.