Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bad Photography Saturday: Relief

My addiction to massive quantities of diet soda has been well documented here over the seven and a half years of this blog.

I was working on a 44 ounce cup of Pepsi Max during my ride to Bellefonte Tuesday morning.  Before we left the station at 1:45 AM, I encountered one of our photographers, who had just returned from Bellefonte. I asked him, "Billy, where's the closest bathroom to the courthouse?"  He replied it's in the Dairy Queen, right across the street from the building.

Great.  Dairy Queen doesn't open until 11.  The courthouse itself doesn't open until 9.

I made sure we stopped at the last Interstate 80 rest area before the Bellefonte exit because I didn't know when I'd see a bathroom again.

Once we got to Bellefonte, I spotted something Billy didn't see.  There were five portable lavatories, tucked in to an alley adjacent to the courthouse.  It was like Christmas morning and a gift from above, all rolled in to one!  I could drink as much diet soda as I wanted.

The Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters acted as the liaison between the borough of Bellefonte, Centre County, and the news media.  PAB helped with parking and all the other niggling, necessary details surrounding a huge event like the Sandusky trial.  I'm assuming PAB was also responsible for the portable bathrooms.

My bladder and I offer our utmost thanks.