Thursday, June 21, 2012


So, the Jerry Sandusky trial goes to the jury today in Bellefonte...

The defense rested its case yesterday, without calling Sandusky to the stand.  ABC News reported Sandusky wanted to testify in his own defense, but his lawyer advised against it.

It sounds like the right move.  Sandusky's interviews, with NBC and the New York Times, were disasters.  Taking the witness stand could have made those interviews pale in comparison, especially during cross examination.

I'd have to say it doesn't look good for the former Penn State assistant football coach.  While the prosecution doesn't have a perfect case,  (they never do) it is strong.  They have alleged victims, plus people who backed up their stories.

On the other side, character witnesses, allegations of accusers with an agenda, and a "rush to judgement" style police investigation.

As the trial wraps up, remember one thing:  It's a court of law, not a court of justice.

On a totally different, and unrelated note, the company that owns your Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees announced it's decided to change the name of the team, and it's looking for suggestions.  I wonder what they will pick.

All I ask is please, please, please, no Miners or Coal Crackers.  All those names will do is give new life to every bad Scranton area stereotype.  The mines closed decades ago.  They were awful, and our area has a lot more to offer than bad memories of holes in the ground.

Personal pick:  I still like "Black Bears."

The New York Times reports NBC is ready to move Ann Curry off the Today show.  Who replaces her?  Early betting is on Savannah Guthrie.

Curry has distinguished herself with her reporting skills.  Hosting a morning show might not be her thing.  I thought her promotion was a mistake.  I'm not afraid to admit I was wrong.  She's really not bad.  There are reports of "chemistry" issues with Matt Lauer.  He's proof that the rising tide lifts all boats.

My view:  it's not Curry.  It's the show.  Today, especially the first half hour, used to be the gold standard for morning news.  Now, it's just tabloid trash.  Put some news back in the first hour, and Today will reverse its ratings decline.  Ann Curry isn't the problem.