Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Independence Day has come and gone, and "back to school" sales have started appearing on line, on TV, and in newspapers.  The big box office supply stores are leading the charge.

Most schools now open just before Labor Day, so that means there's a good month and a half of vacation time left for the kids.

As a kid, I used to hate those first back to school ads.  Now that school is in the rear view mirror, I like it.  It signals cooler weather and quieter times just around the corner.

Is it too early for back to school sales?  Probably, but remember it is a big time for retailers, so you know what happens when there's money to be made.  Prepare for the blitz.

The advent of uniforms, even for public school kids, has taken a lot of fun out of the process.  I was around long before uniforms, and I did my best to keep the process stress free-- a trip to the Jean King for a few pair of Levi's, a few shirts, a new pack of underwear, socks.  Boom!  Done.

Enjoy the rest of summer.