Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bad Photography Sunday: More Rail Cars

Today, a couple more of those interesting rail cars, sitting on a siding off South Washington Avenue in Scranton.

The 469, seen above, is one of two diners built specifically for the Phoebe Snow in 1949 - one for eastbound, one for westbound.  The PS had two identical trainsets manufactured for its debut late in '49.  

Above, it's the City of Lima (a sleeper or Pullman) which was owned by the New York, Chicago, and St Louis, better known as the Nickel Plate Road.  It's relevance to NE PA is this; prior to 1960, the DL&W carried this car from Hoboken to Buffalo via Scranton.  Since the DL&W didn't stretch to Chicago, the sleeper was turned over to the Nickel Plate at Buffalo and was known as a "through" sleeper, meaning you didn't have to change trains, the car was switched over to an NKP train and went to Chicago. It's been pretty much fully restored.  

Much of today's commentary was provided by Vince Sweeney.  I'm not that smart when it comes to rail history.