Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Once again, it is time for an effort to make sense out of the impossible.  A man went on a shooting rampage Friday morning, near Denver, Colorado.  12 died.  60 were hurt.

Is gun control the answer?  Should there be pat downs and metal detectors at theaters and malls, just like government buildings at airports?

Do we have to simply understand there are disturbed people out there, and risks are part of living in a free society?  This was an isolated, albeit horrible, incident, and we generally have very little to worry about.

There are plenty of questions, and no easy answers-- if we're able to answer these questions at all.

There has been evil since the beginning of time, and there's never been one standard way to deal with it.  All you can do is make sure you don't take unacceptable risks and pray for the best.