Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Friday morning's rain was an odd and glorious thing.

To begin, it was the first decent rainfall in quite a while, and it broke a horriblly uncomfortable heat wave.

Friday morning, I noticed an unusual thing.  I made my standard Walmart visit to stock up on work supplies.  Translation:  diet cola.

I've been caught in the rain before, but unlike other drenchings, I was in no rush to get from my car to the store, and vice versa.  The rain and cool air felt great, and I didn't care if I got wet.  As I looked around the parking lot, it appeared as if my fellow shoppers felt the same way.

Walmart can be a nightmare-- crowded store, impatient shoppers, long lines, a parking lot resembling Pocono's "tricky triangle" and other issues.  It seemed like the rain slowed everything down and made the trip to America's largest retailer much more pleasant.

I wouldn't want rain every day, but this storm was the right thing at the right time.