Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Scrapple

What were they thinking when they redesigned USAToday.com?  It's a mess.

Jerry Sandusky will likely die in prison.  Yet, there is a nagging feeling that a minimum thirty year sentence isn't enough.

I was very sorry to learn former Detroit Lion Alex Karras passed away at the age of 77.  He seemed like a very likeable individual, on and off the field...  in sports and in broadcasting/acting.

Best laugh of the week:  a co worker said her pumpkin pie yogurt tasted like potpourri.  It's why I stick with the basics-- vanilla, peach, strawberry.  I'm not a blueberry guy.

Political reporting these days is awful.  All we're hearing about is polls, and the Obama/Romney race tightening.  The media wants a close horse race, and it will get one-- in the popular vote.  Obama still has a huge lead in the votes that really count-- electoral votes.  No one talks about that.  Having said all that, election night will be very interesting.

Six months ago, who would have thought Sen. Bob Casey would be in a very close reelection battle?

The early rounds of the Major League Baseball playoffs have turned out to be very entertaining.  Yet, very few pay attention.  We live in NFL Nation.

Even a chilly, grey fall day still has its charm.

Arby's, Long John Silver's, and Wendy's are all introducing new logos.  Better food will help sales more than new art work.

What's with the current fascination with zombies?

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving more than usual.  It's a great time of year.