Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bad Photography Saturday: Marywood Fall

I wanted some pretty fall pictures, even though it was a grey day.  When you think "trees" and "nice setting," Marywood University always come to mind.  Yes, this is my alma mater.

What you see above is the famous Liberal Arts Building rotunda, partially hidden by trees just past their peak.

The shot is marred by cars lining the street, and Marywood should have a better parking plan.

Below is a shot looking down at the Memorial Commons, toward Adams Avenue.
One thing during my recent Marywood visit really surprised me.  I was there around 2 PM on a Friday afternoon.  It's not reflected here, but the campus was bustling.  Back in my day, there were a few Friday morning classes, and the campus was generally cleared out by noon.  Things certainly have changed.