Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This Might Be Worth Something After All

I was minding my own business, in the middle of the night, at my desk, producing Newswatch 16 Sunday Morning, when an unusual Tweet passed before my eyes.

Someone Tweeted the Times~Tribune to say they found a lost, blind, black pug.  She was safe and warm, and she was going to be turned over to an animal shelter in the morning.  I took notice because it was close to my house.

Fast forward to about 10:30 AM Sunday.  I was returning home, after walking my own dog when a woman in a small black car pulled up.  She asked if I had seen a wandering black pug.  I asked if the dog was blind.  She replied that it was.  I told the woman I saw a Tweet that the dog was found.  She's okay and is being turned over to an animal shelter.

It looked like the owner was shedding tears of joy, as she sped away, hopefully, to find her dog.

I don't know if they were reunited, but I suspect the story has a happy ending.

I'm still not a social media guy.  There isn't a Facebook page attached to my name.  In spite of having an account for several months, I'm not sold on Twitter.

Still, for one brief shining moment, Twitter was actually valuable.  It might have a future in my world after all.