Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cycle of Lies

I'm a firm believer in second chances and redemption.

Of course, there are exceptions.  Taking advantage of children, old people, and animals disqualifies you.  See Ciavarella, Mark and Vick, Michael.  Arrogant, thieving, unrepentant politicians have problems winning their way back in to my good graces.  See Mellow, Robert.

The Lance Armstrong case is fascinating.  The cyclist is finally admitting to using performance enhancing drugs.  It's nice to see the truth come out.  You have to wonder about a motive, and I'm very interested in hearing that.  Pete Rose admitted to betting on baseball to sell his book.  What are Armstrong's plans?  I have problems believing that it's merely the right thing to do.

Forgiveness?  That one's tough.  Lance Armstrong told so many lies, and for so long, it's tough to cut the man some slack.  He's in pretty deep. He hurt a lot of people.

A second chance is clearly a possibility here, but it's a long shot.