Tuesday, January 29, 2013


If you need more proof they really don't get it in the city of Scranton, here it is...

The city will soon raise parking meter rates to $1.50 an hour, the highest in the state.

Yes, it will increase the curbside churn, and theoretically, it will increase your chance of finding a parking space.

On the other hand, people will spend less time at meters.  For example, if you need something at the drug store, you're less likely to spend a few extra minutes and grab a slice of pizza next door.

There's an old saying about "knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing."  Scranton thinks is can make some extra money at the meters, but it will hurt business in the long run.  Any meter increase will be offset by fewer jobs and fewer tax paying businesses.

Congratulations!  Spend your new meter money wisely.

If that isn't enough, visit downtown Scranton after a snow storm.  They city still hasn't grasped the concept of curb to curb snow plowing.  You'll pay more for that snow and ice encrusted space.

And, they can't figure out why they're in trouble