Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's Over!

January is the longest, darkest, coldest month of the year-- and it's almost over!

Once again, it really hasn't been that bad.  Other than a few nuisance snows, and a few very cold days, January 2013 has been tolerable.  The month is going out on a nasty note.  As I update this, it's pouring.  Flood watches and warnings have been posted.

January is always a tough month for me.  The holidays are over.  The lights come down, and even though the days are getting longer, there's still a lot of darkness.  Cabin fever sets in.

February has its difficult moments.  There's a lull between the end of the Super Bowl and the start of spring training baseball.  I'm not a basketball guy.

On the bright side, we're adding a couple minutes of daylight every day.  Average daily highs and lows are slowly creeping up.

I'll be complaining about the heat before you know it.

Keep an eye on rivers, creeks, and streams today and tomorrow.  We're lucky in that the snow pack in our area wasn't that deep.  It's a different story upstream.