Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Date of incident:  18 January 2103
Time of incident:  3:58 AM
Location of incident  Cypress St., Throop
Nature of incident:  the arrival of spring

If you're a regular blog reader, you know I write about it every year, but this has to be the earliest.

Skunks are a better harbinger of spring than robins.  Skunks get active in the spring, looking for food and love, and not necessarily in that order.

I was out doing some things early Friday morning when I observed that skunk.  Unfortunately, the skunk was in a contest with a car (not mine) and the skunk lost.  Road kill is never appealing, especially when you can smell it three towns away.  However, a slight smile crossed my mouth.  Spring is here.

It could be that we just have a rogue skunk here.  We're currently experiencing the coldest weather of the season.  We'll see what the ground hog has to say February 2.