Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Unfinished Business

We need to debate gun and assault weapons control in this country.  I was uncomfortable talking about it before the bodies of the Newtown children were cold.

Note to parents and students:  NOT EVERYTHING YOU READ ON FACEBOOK IS TRUE!  Out of control and irresponsible rumor spreading adds to the school problems.

The "fiscal cliff" problem of 2012 was an embarrassment to everyone in Washington, regardless of party.

I haven't heard any flat tax discussion in quite a while.  The tax code really needs to be overhauled.  I doubt anyone in Washington has the courage to tackle it.

I hope CNN's theft of ABC' Jake Tapper shows CNN is serious about doing real news.

The Pittsburgh Steelers came apart at the end of the season.  Injuries?  Yes, but the dissension and mistakes are directly attributable to bad management.  If the next season is mediocre, it might be time to think about a change.

Andy Reid is a good football coach, not a great football coach.  The Arizona Cardinals will learn that.

If someone does something naughty around the holidays, or if someone isn't in the spirit, they are referred to as a "grinch."  Enough already.  Can't news writers and everyone else be a little more creative?

The Houston Astros, as they move in to the American League, have gone back to a logo like they had in the 60's.  Yay!  It's a good look.

I've been listening to the new CBS Sports Radio network.  Meh.  There isn't much break out talent on any of the sports networks-- ESPN, FOX, NBC, Yahoo, and now CBS.

I pulled the overnighter at the TV station New Year's Eve in to New Year's morning.  I volunteered.  Brutal.  I did t he same thing Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.  Criminals don't have holidays.  In fact, many see it as an opportunity to do more awful things.

So far, this year's college bowl games have been underwhelming.