Monday, February 11, 2013

Basic Instinct

I wore long underwear on only one day last winter.  One!  No doubt you remember that the winter of 2011-12 was much milder than normal, and I was okay with that.

This year is a much different story.  January had a couple brutally cold weeks, and February got off to a cold start.

I never know if I'll be in or out of the building, so I'm always prepared.  If I'm not wearing long underwear, I have a pair in my bag, ready to go.

During a shopping trip recently, I sprung for two new pair.  I had enough at home, but I couldn't resist a sale.

It was your standard, synthetic long underwear, but something was different.  It was no longer called "long underwear" on the package.  The garments are now a "base layer."

I suspect it's the work of the geniuses in marketing.  "Long underwear" sounds old fashioned.  "Base layer" appeals to the younger crowd.  Underwear by any name would be just as warm.

It's also a case where older is better.  Synthetics are more comfortable and fit better under clothing, but the traditional waffle weave is much warmer.