Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Do We Have To?

One of the things that makes the news business continually fascinating is the internal debates.

Case in point:  yesterday morning.  Hazleton's police chief told us there was some bad cocaine (reduntant, I know) floating around that part of Luzerne County.  The cocaine was cut with poison or something toxic.  A mother and daughter wound up in the hospital.  The chief added the daughter's drug use could be fatal.  Plus, there was a deadly heroin overdose in McAdoo, near Hazleton, Monday.

Do people really need to be told illegal drugs are bad?  If you're hooked enough to make an illegal purchase, the thought of snorting poison isn't going to bother you.  Will an illegal drug user, an addict, flush something very expensive down the toilet?

I don't think people need to be reminded that illegal drugs are bad, and I don't think a toxic warning is enough to shock an addict in to quitting.

However, I do think people need to know what's going on in their community.  There's a chance a warning might save someone's life.  You never know.

We did the story.