Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Who Are You?

It's been established here that I collect pens.

Many of them came from eBay.  I'm partial to Sheaffer, Cross and Parker models, with a few PaperMate's thrown in.  They're not expensive-- just middle of the road stuff.

Some were purchased new.  Others are used, and that brings us to today's entry.

I recently bought a batch of old, used pens in an eBay auction.  They were good ones-- a steal.  Either the owner didn't appreciate what he had, or didn't care.

A silver Cross pen was engraved with the name "Jennie Rose."  I should have asked the seller "Who was Jennie Rose?" and "Why did she no longer need her very nice pen?"  "Is she still alive?"

I wonder how many things Jennie wrote with that pen.  It was worn.  You could tell.  Checks, letters, notes...

Where are you, Jennie Rose?