Wednesday, April 17, 2013


One of the things that drives me insane after a major horrible event, like Boston, is the rampant speculation, and the rush to judgement.

Yes, it could be evil foreign forces at work.  Yes, it could be domestic terrorism, like Oklahoma City.  We just don't know.  Incessant and uninformed yammering-- on tv, in print, on radio, on the internet-- doesn't help.

It appears the people in charge are doing and saying the right things-- caring for the injured, mourning the dead, assuring the public that the person or persons responsible will be brought to justice.

And, that brings us to Scranton-- the other side of the universe.

Someone shot up a housing project on a warm Monday evening, when kids were playing in yards, while people were sitting on porches.  This was no middle of the night shoot-out.

There were multiple calls and in person visits to Scranton Police.  No answers for us.  No answers for the residents.  At a time when people needed to know the police department was working to protect their safety, no one said a word.

Increased patrols in the project?  A declaration that leads are being followed?  Assuring the public that shoot outs won't be tolerated?  A few simple and sincere words from someone in uniform or someone elected would have made a lot of people feel a lot better.

There was a release of a few details Tuesday afternoon.  Residents shouldn't have been forced to wait that long.

You deserve more.