Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Brand X

Sen. Robert Casey's embrace of same sex marriage is fascinating.

The momentum is building, and okaying same sex unions seems to be the thing to do these days, but this blog entry is not about that.

It's about the Casey brand.

Sen. Casey's father, Robert, served two terms as Pennsylvania governor beginning in 1987.  You cannot look at the senator without seeing the governor.  There's a family resemblance.  For a long time, they had the same philosophy-- socially conservative, fiscally liberal.  The governor was perhaps one of the leading pro life advocates in the country.  I get the feeling he wouldn't be happy with his son's decision to go along with the same sex wedding wave.  I could be wrong.

Times change, and we no longer live in the governor's world.

It seems to be an abandonment of the Casey brand-- a little like opening up a can of Coke and finding 7 Up.