Friday, April 26, 2013


I'm looking for the words to describe my thoughts and feelings:  shocked, stunned, surprised...

The Marywood University Board of Trustees voted to rename the Mellow Center for Athletics and Wellness the Marywood Center for Athletics and Wellness.

Bob Mellow is currently sitting in a federal prison for stealing your money, and he was recently hit with a new round of corruption charges on the state level.

Marywood apparently finally realized decency, honesty, and integrity are more important than saying "thank you" to a thieving state senator who threw $2 million at you for a new gym.

The only sad part here is it took Marywood several months to realize honoring Bob Mellow is an insult to the community, and every student-- past and present.

As I've written before, that wasn't Bob Mellow's money.  It was your money, and I hope the university has learned it has to stop playing games with politicians. I had no problems with Marywood getting state money. Full disclosure:  I'm a graduate.  Marywood has opened its facilities for community events.  The building provided construction jobs, and I'm sure it attracted students to our area-- helping the economy.  What I didn't like is Marywood beatifying Bob Mellow, and then using every excuse to avoid doing the right thing and removing his name.  Yes, I do know you have to be dead to be beatified.  Blogger's license.

Lackawanna College yesterday took Bob Mellow's name off its theater, and Mellow's name will be removed from a park in Blakely.  The Mellow name is also coming off a facility at Keystone College in Factoryville.

Maybe, there's hope for this area after all.