Thursday, April 18, 2013

What's in a Name?

Marywood University's Board of Trustees meets tomorrow and Saturday.  It is likely the name of the building pictured above will be discussed.  It is the Mellow Center for Athletics and Wellness.

The University slapped Mellow's name on the front because he helped Marywood get $ 2 million of your tax dollars to help pay for it.

As you know, Mellow is now an admitted thief, cheat, and liar.  He's serving time in a federal prison.  Mellow also faces a long list of charges on the state level for more cheating, lying and stealing.

Bob Mellow's name shouldn't have been on this building in the first place, and there's no way it should remain there.

Academic fraud can get you expelled from Marywood.  Being a convicted felon gets your name on a building.  It sends the wrong message to the university community, and the community as a whole.

The student newspaper, The Wood Word, called for the removal of Mellow's name in a recent editorial.  Below is a quote from a news story in the same edition of the paper.

“I am confident that the naming of the Mellow Center will be discussed, understanding that the board will take this matter seriously and consider the many nuances involved in making such a decision,” said Juneann Greco, communications director.

What nuances, Ms. Greco?  Bob Mellow is a criminal, and criminals shouldn't have their names on buildings.  Why are we even at this point?  It's so easy, but the people who run Marywood just refuse to see it.  Money, to Marywood, apparently means more than morals.

Marywood administration is losing the confidence of the students.  Proof of that is the Wood Word editorial.  It's losing the faith of the alumni.  I've spoken with fellow graduates.

It's time for the administration to stand up and do the right thing.