Friday, May 24, 2013


As with every election, there's enough material for days, and I even have another post mortem in the queue for next week.

We live in a great country, and today's blog is about free speech.  As a journalist, I'm thankful for that freedom every day, and it's distressing to see it abused and manipulated.

There was a hot race for Lackawanna County Sheriff.  Every candidate said they're the guy who's all for law and order.  Let's look at that a little more carefully.  Lackawanna County Sheriffs essentially transport prisoners, provide county building security, and issue gun permits.  There isn't much law and order to the job.  In fact, the current occupant of the position had no law enforcement experience when elected-- and we kept sending him back time after time after time.

Perhaps it's time to change the law.  There are some very good men and women wearing deputy's uniforms.  They do have training.  We need the help.  Give them more to do.

I've whined about this before-- candidates for judge who stage phony courtroom scenes.  Pennsylvania doesn't allow cameras in the courtroom.  Either Pennsylvania should exit the dark ages, or candidates need to get straight with voters.  I'll have to do some checking to see if the county allows use of its courtrooms for free, as a favor to members of the bar, or if there's a rental fee.  I'm okay with either.  You paid for that courtroom, and you should use it... But, if it's going to be used as a stage for partisan political purposes, perhaps the taxpayers should get some cash for paying for the upkeep.