Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday Scrapple

Is "The Office Wrap Party" over yet?   The amount of time and ink dedicated to a third rate sitcom on a fifth rated network was mind boggling.

It's nice to see some perennial cellar dwellers, like the Pittsburgh Pirates and Kansas City Royals, doing well in the young baseball season.

Bob Newhart guested on a recent episode of "The Big Bang Theory."  At 83, the man can still deliver a laugh.

Penn State is naming its Dunmore baseball field after Matt McGloin.  I'm sure he's a nice guy, and he's accomplished quite a bit, but it isn't it a little premature?

Crisis management people should study Wilkes-Barre.  It's one problem after another, and they drag on and on.  I don't know how you can function and effectively govern with all those distractions.

I know we need to learn everything about what they did and how they did it, but I can no longer look at the Brothers Tsarnaev.

Even after 139 years, the Kentucky Derby still looks like a lot of fun.

How's that liquor store privatization thing coming along?

Several Linked In contacts recently endorsed me for "skills and expertise."  Don't ask me why.  Thank you, nonetheless.

I still can't warm up to the porcupine.