Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lightning Strikes

I saw it as I returned from a trip to the dentist Monday afternoon.  A lightning strike blew apart a section of the steeple atop the old St. John's Church on Sanderson Street in Throop.  A fire truck was still there.  I missed the storm by about a half hour.

Even though the church has been closed and vacant for several years, it was still owned by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Scranton.  The experts say the steeple has to come down.  It's sad.  That part of my home town will now have a completely different character.

The church wasn't at the highest point in the little town, but it was close.  The dominant feature of the neighborhood is disappearing.

Talk surfaces from time to time that the church will be demolished.  I understand the borough was interested in the land-- for a parking lot.

Sorry to see it go.