Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Against the Grain

Here we go.  I will admit that there are times I really go against popular opinion, and today, both deal with baseball.

Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully will work again next year, his 65th calling Dodgers games.  Scully started when the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn.  I admire his longevity.    I respect his popularity.  He's not one of my favorites.  Scully insists on working alone, even though people like the play-by-play/color man arrangement.  The good broadcasters can put their feelings aside when working national broadcasts.  Scully was NBC's main guy for years.  I take you back to the 1988 World Series between Oakland and Los Angeles.  It was clear Scully bled Dodger blue.  For the last year of the NBC baseball contract, Scully was teamed with Tom Seaver.  I like Seaver, and he always brought something to the table.  Scully barely let him speak.  I don't get Vin Scully, but to each, his own.

Strange to say, but I actually feel sorry for Alex Rodriguez.  Yes, there is considerable evidence he used performance enhancing drugs.  It got him kicked out of baseball for a year and a half.  The suspension is currently on appeal.  A-Rod is getting heat from the public and the media for simply choosing to fight back and defend himself.  Since when is that a crime in America?