Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bad Photography Saturday: Hyland Hall

I'm not on the public relations staff payroll at the University of Scranton.  I just happened to have a few recent spare moments, with camera in hand.

This is one of the newer buildings on the U's campus.  It's Hyland Hall, at the intersection of Jefferson Ave and Linden St.  What makes this building a little different is it's dropped on to the lot at an angle, creating a little triangular plaza in the front.  One other building with a similar placement comes to mind-- the CanDo building in downtown Hazleton.

The University's book store used to be on the ground floor.  I used to sneak in from time to time because it had great prices on hardcover bestsellers.

The Bowman Building used to be here.  Its claim to fame was it used to be where WARM radio had its studios.  The Mighty 590 moved out around 1964.  The Bowman building was around for several years after that.