Friday, August 16, 2013

Best Line Ever

Jack Germond died the other day.  85.  He wrote about politics for decades, and was a tough, no nonsense kind of guy.

Germond smart enough to know show biz is part of the equation.  Appearances on TV meant recognition.  That translated into more newspapers picking up his syndicated column, and more readers.

There were frequent bookings on NBC News broadcasts, plus a weekly slot on The McLaughlin Group.  Germond's claim to fame there was the fantastic ability to get a point across with a minimum of words.  John McLaughlin would bluster about something for several minutes.  Germond would pierce McLaughlin's pomposity with a choice sentence.

It was on The McLaughlin Group that I heard one of the best lines ever, and it was delivered by Jack Germond.  It came at the tail end of a mind numbing discussion of aid for dairy farmers.  Germond said it was something no one cared about, and the only reason he drank milk was "because I can't put scotch on my corn flakes."

Jack Germond will be missed.