Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Follow Up Tuesday

This blog doesn't get a ton of hits every day, but it gets enough.  It's a number some bloggers would die for, and I thank WNEP for putting this project under its umbrella.

It's always a kick when readers respond to blog entries.

Someone got a laugh out of the close encounter with a drunk woman while I was on my bike.  Thank you for reading.  Hope you're feeling OK, and please keep in touch.

I received several good suggestions on the proposed renaming of the "What It's Like" entries.  There's been no final decision yet.

A reader did a lot of work for me on the University of Scranton O'Hara Hall entry.  I learned the building you saw here on Sunday was built in 1922.  It was the headquarters of the Glen Alden Coal Company.  It's six stories and 45,000 square feet.  The U bought it in 1968 for $ 157,000.  Bell Telephone and a financial services company once had offices here.  I've seen the outside and I've been on the inside.  The University has done a really nice job in preserving history.
Feel free to e-mail any comments and suggestions.  Thank you for reading.   The blog is nearly nine years old, and putting it together every day has been great fun.

And, one final note.  The doctor who delivered me, Dr. Thomas F. Clauss, died yesterday.  Actually, Dr. Clauss took credit for delivering me.  It happened during a snow storm, and Dr. Clauss didn't make it to Mid Valley Hospital in Peckville in time.  The nurses, and my mom, did the hard work.  I will always remember Dr. Clauss for his slicked back hair, bow tie, and exceptional bedside manner.  Dr. Clauss was simply a nice man, and I never feared going to the doctor when he was around.  I frequently walk the dog past the building where his office once was, and I think of him every time.  My sympathy to his family, friends, and patients.