Thursday, August 22, 2013

Higher and Higher

President Obama is coming to Lackawanna College in Scranton tomorrow to talk about affordable higher education.

It's about time.

Newswatch 16's Sarah Buynovsky compared college costs, in the Scranton area, for a story that aired Friday night and Saturday morning.  The University of Scranton costs about $ 38,000 per year.  Marywood University comes in at about $ 29,000.


Of course, you want students to have the best faculty and facilities.  Most students get some form of aid.  Still, I don't know how students and their parents afford it.  I really don't.  You get the degree, plus years of debt in the process.  I was lucky that I went to school when the costs were relatively low.

Then, there is the state representative who declined an invitation to be at Lackawanna for the Obama visit.  He's upset the president isn't concentrating on the economy.  Isn't helping young people get an education, so they can get good jobs, and so they can be productive members of society a huge part of economic development?  What am I missing here?  Even if you disagree with Obama, he is the president.  It's good to have a friend in high places.  Someone is missing a golden opportunity, and I hope our area doesn't need presidential help down the road.

The cost of college is one of those problems where there are no easy answers.  Low interest rates on loans is a huge help.  There is no substitute for a quality education.