Friday, August 23, 2013

Money Friday

A few Dollar General/Family Dollar stores have been robbed recently, and that elicited some snickers.  How much money can be in a dollar store?  The answer is "a lot."  I'm an occasional shopper.  They're always busy.  I suspect they have a shoplifting problem.  It seems like anything worth more than two dollars is locked up, has an alarm attached to it, or you have to ask the clerk to get it for you.

Sears/KMart is reporting another bad quarter, although not as bad as last year at this time.  I was in a Sears Wednesday, and I do hit KMart from time to time.  They're not bad, but then again, they don't offer much to entice you to travel out of your way.  It's sad to see once solid retailers, like Sears, KMart, and Penney's lose their way.

President Obama has unveiled his plan to make a college education affordable.  It's tough to distill in a few sentences, and good luck to my professional brethren who have to do that today.  Anyway, Obama's plan calls for more federal aid co colleges and universities that provide a good value.  Funding for students will be tied to academic performance.  Colleges and universities will be encouraged to provide new types of education and new ways to pay for it.

Good luck.  Colleges and universities make great contributions to science, technology, and learning in general.  However, they are INSTITUTIONS, and many innovate policies and procedures at a glacial pace.  The Washington Post pointed out that many of the college tuition increases can be blamed on reductions in state aid, and the president has no control over that.

Somebody has to come up with realistic solutions.  Other countries are kicking our butts on the education front while we spend all our time arguing about a college football playoff.