Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What's Left?

Pete Rose, baseball's all time heat leader is banned from the game for gambling.  Rose didn't admit to what he did until he had a book to sell.

Baseball's all time home run champion Barry Bonds is suspected of steroid use, and he was charged with perjury.

One of baseball's biggest stars, Alex Rodriguez, has been suspended for using performance enhancing drugs.  He's appealing.  A dozen others gave up the fight.

Several NFL players were arrested over the off-season, including one, who is accused of criminal homicide.

Bicyclist Lance Armstrong, a Tour de France winner several times, has admitted to cheating.

Soccer fans riot.

Boxing has been a mess for years.

NBA stars regularly brawl.  Look up paternity records if you want a real shocker.

College football sees at least one major program sanctioned for violations every year.

Tennis is peppered with misbehaving brats.

Hockey and golf seem to be the cleanest sports of the bunch, but there are black marks even there.

No wonder we are a disenchanted society.  We looked to sports for an escape.  Those days are over.